I need new Ray-bans!

In the summer I will be in USA for a couple of weeks, and I want to buy some cheap Ray bans! My problem is that I don’t know which one i should choose. I know I got plenty of time for making my decision, but I wanted to hear you guys decision anyway. Tell me what you think!

My favorite is the wayfarer with matte black frame and green mirror blue lens. I really like the matte color and so far that one is definitely my favorite. The black frames is from the 2012 summer collection, but they are already for sale on there website. I also likes the original Wayfarer with the black/azure frame and light blue gradient lens.

1. Wayfarer folding, matte black frame, green mirror blue lens. $16. 2. Original Wayfarer, black/azure frame, light blue gradient, $155.

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