Jeans by 2nd day!

You might know the brand DAY birger et mikkelsen. 2nd day is another brand made by Michala Wiesneck, but with an edge of urban and coolness. 2nd day is generally younger, more casual and more minimalist than DAY birger et Mikkelsen.

The idea and concept is that there collections is build up about jeans, where jeans is the most important thing of a urban everyday look. So 2nd day is always in the front when it is about the jeans trends, and with prices from $25 to $900, it is not that exspensive after all. Check out 2nd day.


essie - matte about you

One of my good friends told me about the essie topcoat called 'matte about you', and I am so glad she did. Because I am in love with it. I really like this years matte polish trend, and with essie i can make all of my nail polish matte. The price is about $8, and you can buy it in most beauty stores and manicure salons.


Spring Collection Magazine ♥

Just a few pictures from this years spring summers shows. If you wanna learn more about this seasons trends, colors, shapes, and everything else, buy the new ELLE  or Vogue collection magazine. You can buy in any store, separately for about $7.

1. Christopher Kane. 2. Chanel. 3. Hugo Boss. 4. Louis Vuitton.


Update your room!

This morning I wook up, with such an energy. I wanted to change things in my room NOW! Well, i had to wait to after work. Got home at 6:15 pm, and ate a quick dinner. Afterwards i got started, and i love the way it turned out.

Unfortunately i forgot my camera at a friend, so i can't post a picture of my "new" room. I think you should think of changing things in your room to! But one acvice: do it with a friend. It's alot more fun.

Here is some inspiration, and alot of the things, you see at the pictures,  you can actually do yourself!


Things in my room!

1. Mac, eyeshadow 2. Bracelet, Becristensen 3. I really liked (and i still do!) this ball, and i finally got it yesterday. I will use it as a chair. But you can you use it for almost anything. Ball, Karmameju 4. I love everything  who smells wonderful, and scented candles is one of them! Scented candles, Kindle.


Marni for H&M!

Versace for H&M, Now Marni for H&M, and some people are even talking about Tom Ford  for H&M. Seems to be an very good year for H&M. Well, my goal is to get at least one peace of every collection.

H&M already has its next designer collaboration lined up: Marni. The collection, which encompasses womenswear, menswear, jewelry, shoes, bags, and scarves, hits 260 H&M stores worldwide and online on March 8, 2012.

Check out this video from the shoot, Designer Collaboration With Marni - H&M Spring 2012.

FNUG nail polish

 I just found a new nail polish favorite brand! it's called FNUG, and i love them. Even more than essie, and that says a lot. They are all so fashion, with names like It bag, Fashionistas, Dressed up, Runway, Fashion inseder and more cool names like this.

The FNUG nail polish is actually extremely long-lasting without the risk of breakage. Asking how thats possible? In addition to nourishing protein and strengthening silica, the varnish contains vitamins A, D, E and B, is the answer.

I am not the only one, who loves FNUG, also celebrities do! Read more about that, get more information and photos of all of the great colors at  FNUG's website.

1. Fashion Show 2. Dressed Up 3. Must have (Yeah, it is actually the name, and i agree!) 4. Top model (top coat).


Stay ready for Versace!

Versace for h&m successful collection from last year had led to this new S/S cruise collection. after getting a preview last month everyone, was so excited to see the full collection. And it is not disapointing. The womans collection is filled with beautyful pastel colors, sweet details, and colorful dresses.

The collection arrives January 19. The collection will only be sold at hm's online website, and only in the countries Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands and Norway. Unfortunately not in the US.

It is Abbey Lee Kershaw who's the campaign model. White her beautiful facial features, she is a perfect choice. She is from 1987 and she started as a model back in 2007. She has been at severals Vogue covers, and has been walking down the catwalk for the best designers in the world.

Stay ready at h&m's website on January 19.


essie spring 2012 - Occupy Wall Street

Yay, I just so the new essie spring collection for 2012. They are all very colorful and makes me smile. But that does not necessarily means that i would like to wear them. I would only wear one of those in my everyday. It's the light purple one. Or is it light pink? I think that one is really pretty, and i will buy it, as sone as it gets into stores!

Inspired by Wall Street, Essie’s spring 2012 nail pol­ish col­lec­tion is, well, so money. With colour names like Nav­i­gate Her, Orange It’s Obvious, Olé Caliente, A Crewed Interest, Tour de Finance, and To Buy or Not to Buy, it is not hard to guess where essie got her inspiration.

The collection is called Occupy Wall Street, and they will be available in stores from frebruary, to about $8.

1. Navigate Her. 2. A Crewed Interest. 3. To Buy or Not to Buy. 4. Tour de Finance 5. Olé Caliente  6.Orange It’s Obvious!

Must haves 2012

I had an awesome christmas in 2011, and even through I got alot, of all of the things I wanted, there was still a couple of things that I did not get. I still wonts this things so much, and I think I am going to buy them during the year!

1. The iphone 3gs white. I really like the design of the 3gs, especially in white. 2. I just love this shoes from Louboutin. They are nothing but amazing. I would do anything for them! 3. This cool earrings from Marc by Marc Jacobs is a really good if you need to pep up your everyday look. I think I am going to buy them next week. 4. I loooove everything there has to do with denim. So the makeup from mac, and the perfume, is going to be on my beauty table in a few months maximum!